Web Design & Development

The World Wide Web and web development have changed over the past few years. A great website is not just about visual appearance. The web site must offer real benefits that will both meet your own business objectives as well as cater to the needs of the user. This marriage must be a well thought out process, and completed by someone who has specific experience and knowledge that will cater to and satisfy the needs of the client. As a student at Georgian College in the Interactive Web Design And Development Co-op program, my career objective is to just do this. I would like to work as a Senior Front End Developer and Junior Web Developer to design websites and provide ongoing support to web development projects.

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Website Design and Development
image of toblerone website Visit the website


Responsive and Liquid Layout

This website demonstrates my ability to use CSS BOX Model, Liquid and Responsive Layouts. I selected Toblorone as my brand for the website and built it using HTML5, CSS3, DOM and some jQuery. Engaging in this website has increased my learning and resulted in winning a scholarship from Netgain Organisation

Image of to do list website Visit the website


Java Script | jQuery | Responsive Layout

I built a To Do list demonstrating my ability to display, edit and delete data using JAVA Script and jQuery. I also used jQuery UI for this website and built it using HTML5, Liquid and Responsive Layout, and CSS3 DOM selectors. Check it out!

Image of music pro website Visit the website

Music Pro

E-Commerce | Design

This website is the product page of an E-commerce website which I developed using HTML5 and CSS3, and some jQuery to demonstrate my ability with CSS layout techniques (positioning, floating/clearing).

Image of automoblox website Visit the website


Bootstrap 3

This website was built based on the brand name “Automoblox”. I developed this website using Twitter Bootstrap 3, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and it’s fully responsive across all browsers and platforms. While developing this site I have enhanced my knowledge of using Bootstrap 3 frond end frame work.

Image of sugar city cupcakes website Visit the website
Image of Magazine cover website Visit the website

Print Layout

Responsive Layout | Print

This website demonstrates my skills in emulating a print layout. I developed this website from scratch using HTML5 and CSS3 based on the magazine cover. While developing this website I was aware of the difference between print and web design. I had also used CSS animations and media queries to make it more exciting!

Image of Music store website Visit the website

Notes Online Music Store

PHP | Responsive Layout

This website was built using HTML5 & CSS3 Liquid and Responsive Layouts. I build a fully functional PHP OO(Object Oriented) application website which demonstrates my ability to use Arrays, Loops, Sessions, Cookies, add/ delete/update database records (My SQL) using PHP scripts,as well as build a shopping cart, and a login functionality.

Image of Apple Color Classic website Visit the website

Apple Color Classic

Responsive | Design

I developed this micro website using HTML5 and CSS3 to demonstrate my skills to promote a product . I chose Apple Color Classic computers for my product. This website contains 6 web pages, and it's fully responsive!

Image of Monsoon  website Visit the website

Monsoon Indian Restaurant

Freelance Work

I developed this website using Joomla Content management sytem. Bulding this website helps me to understand how the Front End and Back End of the Joomla content management system works. I had designed the Logo, Apple touch icon and customaized the website template to suits the clients needs.

Image of Stansted Parking Website Visit the website

Stansted Parking

Freelance Work

I had customised the booking component to meet the organisation's need using PHP MYSQL. I have also customised the administration side of the joomla CMS to improve the effectiveness of the booking component. I had also added Apple touch icon to the website.

My Skills

Front End Developer

Front End Skills

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI
  • Joomla
  • Word Press
  • Drupal
  • image of responsive design Responsive Design
  • Cross-browser and device Compatibility Testing

Web Developer & Designer

Developer and Designer Skills

  • PHP Scripting
  • MY SQL
  • Standrad Level
  • Standrad Level
  • Photoshop CS6
  • Ilistrator CS6
  • Fire WorksCS6
  • CMS Development

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I like to use all of my skills to create a website. I’m easy to work with and I don’t stop until my work is perfect. So, if you like my work, what are you waiting for?