Introducing The New Macintosh Color Classic

Taking Computers to a Whole New Level

Macintosh Color classic

Apple introduced the Macintosh Color Classic. It was a quantum leap over its processor- the Macintosh Color Classic. The Macintosh Color Classic contained the computer's powerful Motorola MC68030 Processor. The Color Classic had a 16 MHz Motorola processor with a 16 MHz bus, one PDS for expansion, and eight available RAM slots with room for up to 32 MB of RAM (128 MB was possible using MODE 32). Apple offered two basic configurations: 2 MB RAM with a 40 MB internal hard drive that sold for $5,069 or 4 MB RAM with an 80 MB internal hard disk drive that sold for $6,369. The SE/30 was obviously a high-end Macintosh targeted at serious computer users and professionals.

Brand New Chip Set

Gives Higher Performance than Ever Before

New chip set image

In order to break the 8 MB barrier of 24-bit addressing, it was necessary to patch the Roms using MODE 32 by Connection Corporation. MODE 32 also gave the Color Classic the ability to use virtual memory with System 7. A maximum of 128 MB total system RAM was possible using 16 MB, 120 NS, 30-pin memory chips in each of the Color classic 4-SIMM banks. You can obtain a free copy of MODE 32 from Apple Inc.

New Color Monitor

Amazing Colors From a Beautiful Monitor

Image of the inside of the monitor

The 256K ROMs enabled the Color Classic to support Color Quick Draw Toolbox functions. The Color Classic 32-bit Processor Direct Slot provided an obvious opportunity to add color with the addition of an external monitor[1]. The advantage to this configuration was that it was still far cheaper to add an expansion card and external monitor

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