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Automoblox is a brand name of an educational wooden car construction toy designed by Patrick Calello and produced by Automoblox Company, LLC of Roseland, New Jersey. The toy consists of wooden car body sections with patented plastic interconnects, polycarbonate wheels and rubber tires, plastic passengers and polycarbonate screens. Each car can be disassembled into its component parts and re-assembled, parts from different cars can be combined to allow children to design their own models.

The Automoblox Range

The original range consisted of three models, the C9 Sports Coupe, the T9 Pickup Truck and the S9 Sedan (or Saloon). The range was extended in 2005 to include the X9 SUV, the A9 Compact and the M9 Sportsvan. In 2006 a special edition of the C9 Coupe was produced - the C9p Pink Coupe.For each model fitting such as the tyres, polycarbonate screens and passengers are colour-coded as follows: C9 Coupe - Red, T9 Pickup - Green, S9 Sedan - Blue, X9 Suv - Purple, M9 Sportsvan - Aqua, A9 Compact - Orange

Educational Features

The cars are designed to encourage children to disassemble and reassemble them which helps develop fine motor skills. The patented body connectors have different shapes for each model and the passengers in each car have specifically shaped bases which lock into matching sockets in the car to encourage shape recognition and matching. The colour-coding of each car encourages colour recognition and matching. The ability to combine parts from different cars encourages goal oriented play and open ended problem solving.